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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Do I have to have a green car to live in the US?
I had no idea that a green car was required to live and work in the US. This add below was one I found on a pretty serious site like Yahoo, built into my webmail. Green Car

It's in Danish, so I'll translate. It says: "Live and work in the United States of America" - "You can win a Green Car to Live and Work in the US". Click here to be registered online"

First of all, I'm appalled by the fact that the US has a lottery where you can win the right to stay in God's own country.
Second, I am a little confused by the translation into Danish. Did they really mean "Green Card"? Or is that just a movie with a French guy with a big nose? Or does your choice of vehicle really matter? In my case I would have a hard time being allowed to Live and Work in the US: I only have a bike, and it's not even green - i'ts black.
Third, why is "Live and Work" capitalized? As far as I know, verbs are never capitalized in Danish unless they start a sentence. I'm pretty sure i'ts the same in English.

If I see an add with errors I never buy the product, but I don't really know what to do with this one? Not buy a lottery ticket (they are expensive too) I guess.

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Friday, November 14, 2003

More animated films!
Uh! Uh! Check out the cast for this film! I can't wait to see Angelina as a fish too. It must be fashionable for lesbian icons to appear as fish in a movie?

Anyway.. I'm too tired to sit in front of a computer now. School is applying uneven pressure on a semester peaking about now. I think i'm off to see Kill Bill.

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hexapod Shrek 2 is coming!
Being so hopelessly in love with animated films as I am, I was thrilled to see that there is now a trailer out for Shrek 2. And then I realized that today is the premiere of Finding Nemo here in Denmark. What a good week on the film-front! I think Nemo opened in the US. sometime in May, but apparently we had to wait a long time here in Denmark to see it. Who would miss the opportunity to see (OK, hear) Ellen DeGeneres as a fish?

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