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meWho is this Camilla then?
Well, I live in Copenhagen, Denmark with my two fat cats. I go to the IT-University of Copenhagen in the software developing line. Now you might think oh no! not another computer geek! - Well I'm also a bachelor of American Indian Language and Culture form the University of Copenhagen. I spend some really good years studying there, but I decided that I might want a job some day and I guess Denmark won't offer a million jobs in the Indian-business.
What do I do to make money then? I am the web master for my old department at the university and last year I taught a class in reading Mayan hieroglyphic inscriptions there. I'm also a bike messenger now and then. I don't really have time to be on the bike all day now, but I have had about a year and a half's full time working for De Grønne Bude.

Can I write you an email?
You most certainly can! Go ahead.

If you're Danish, why isn't your site in Danish then?
I guess I want to have as many people as possible to be able to read my site. Also, its probably good for my English writing skills. I will sometimes link to sites in Danish sites, but I'll remember to write that it is in Danish.

Did you make that neat caricature of yourself?
No, I wish I had but I'm not good at that. My friend Sanne is though. If you want to se pictures of the fat cats and me you can do that here (text in danish).