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Thursday, June 24, 2004

I just stumbled upon this weblog at that appears to be mine. Strange.. I had almost forgotten that I ever had a weblog. I'll look into this mystery more and get back here with news.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Do I have to have a green car to live in the US?
I had no idea that a green car was required to live and work in the US. This add below was one I found on a pretty serious site like Yahoo, built into my webmail. Green Car

It's in Danish, so I'll translate. It says: "Live and work in the United States of America" - "You can win a Green Car to Live and Work in the US". Click here to be registered online"

First of all, I'm appalled by the fact that the US has a lottery where you can win the right to stay in God's own country.
Second, I am a little confused by the translation into Danish. Did they really mean "Green Card"? Or is that just a movie with a French guy with a big nose? Or does your choice of vehicle really matter? In my case I would have a hard time being allowed to Live and Work in the US: I only have a bike, and it's not even green - i'ts black.
Third, why is "Live and Work" capitalized? As far as I know, verbs are never capitalized in Danish unless they start a sentence. I'm pretty sure i'ts the same in English.

If I see an add with errors I never buy the product, but I don't really know what to do with this one? Not buy a lottery ticket (they are expensive too) I guess.

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Friday, November 14, 2003

More animated films!
Uh! Uh! Check out the cast for this film! I can't wait to see Angelina as a fish too. It must be fashionable for lesbian icons to appear as fish in a movie?

Anyway.. I'm too tired to sit in front of a computer now. School is applying uneven pressure on a semester peaking about now. I think i'm off to see Kill Bill.

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hexapod Shrek 2 is coming!
Being so hopelessly in love with animated films as I am, I was thrilled to see that there is now a trailer out for Shrek 2. And then I realized that today is the premiere of Finding Nemo here in Denmark. What a good week on the film-front! I think Nemo opened in the US. sometime in May, but apparently we had to wait a long time here in Denmark to see it. Who would miss the opportunity to see (OK, hear) Ellen DeGeneres as a fish?

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Friday, October 31, 2003

A halloween server
Some nerds at the University of Rochester actually build a pumpkin server. It's brilliant! 100% degradeable chassis and a happy organic look. I just wonder why nobody came up with a mp3-prune or an mp3-eggplant before?

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devilguy Mars attacks!!
Yesterday was the 65th anniversary for the broadcast of the radio play "The war of the worlds" by Orson Welles. He managed to fool the people listening to the radio into beliving that planet Earth was under attack so people paniced to the degree where they would wrap their heads in wet towels to avoid the poisonous gasses emitted by the aliens. Hehe.

It's scary how easy it is to scare people. I can imagine Americans running around with rifles and guns scared shit. More about the play here.

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Thursday, October 23, 2003

More neat programs.
I am slowly transforming this into a geek's weblog. But I just have to mention all the wonderful programs I have found lately.

w.bloggar w.bloggar
It's an interface between you and the weblog tool that you use (Blogger, Moveable Type or whatever). I was a little sceptic because I guess I have everything I need at the Blogger website. Especially now that they made and even have support for other browsers than Explorer. I must say that I am impressed with their website. Anyway, w.bloggar is easy to configure, very MS-Office like and has built-in spellchecker, template editor and lots of other cool stuff like syntax highlighting of HTML code. If you haven't tried it with your weblog, you should. Oh, and I should mention that it's only made for windows. The guy who develops it has no plans to make a Mac or Linux edition. He must hate users.

FeedDemon FeedDemon
Made by Nick Bradbury who also made HomeSite, this is a newsreader that takes in RSS and XML feeds and organizes them neatly. The program can brew up it's own "todays newspaper" from the sites that you want news from. In other words, no more clicking around to get the news, read weblogs, or find comic strips. Being a nonreligious windows person I also must say that I really think the design of this program is really beautiful. Take a look at the neat icons on this screenshot.

Firebird Firebird
Is the light-weight edition of my beloved favorite browser Mozilla. I only used Firebird for a week, but I think I like it better than Mozilla already. It has tabbed browsing, easy organization of bookmarks and a way cooler feel than clunky Mozilla. It does not have all the features that Mozilla does, rather you can download a plugin if you find yourself in need of a chat relay. Also, if you want a mail client you have to download Thunderbird which I already like better than the built in one in Mozilla.

That's it for the software-advertizing. I wonder why my friends call me a software-pusher or even "Camilla-Mozilla".

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Monday, October 13, 2003

What is that supposed to mean?
I like Quicktime. But they really need to sharpen up on the error messages: screenshot

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Sunday, October 12, 2003

book OK, another great internet-thingy found
I just saw The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys. A really good movie I thought. And if it hadn't been good I would have watched it all anyway, who would miss a chance to see Jodie Foster play a nun? -I wouldn't. I also like Kieran Culkin a lot. He is nothing like his annoying brother Macaulay; this boy has something to offer other than a cute smile.

Anyway, the boy played by Kieran likes poetry by William Blake. So when I was finished watching the movie I did a search for Mr. Blake to see what he was all about. I heard of him of course, but I never read anything by him. I got to this really cool archive, where one can browse the pages of his books in a Java applet. That is a brilliant symbiosis of books and technology! I saw on the website that Sun Microsystems (the makers of the Java-programming language) supports the archive. That would explain the beautiful applets.

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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Enter the digital camera!
My father has always had a great love for anything electronic. He bought a digital camera about 6 months ago. It was a plain cheap one, but good. He now decided that it is not at all advanced enough, so he bought a really expensive new one with loads of features he will never use. That's just his way with electronics. Anyway, he gave me the old camera! So now I have the chance to take some pictures if I remember. I have actually managed to go to Spain for 3 weeks and only take 2 pictures, so I will probably not wear the flash-card out anytime soon.

I made a page where I will post some photos from time to time. You can watch me gradually become a master photographer right here.

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