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Monday, October 28, 2002

Spot the fancy words yourself
I enjoy reading reviews of books and movies, in particular when it's on somebody's homepage and not on some mercantile site. That's why I have reviews here on my site. But.. I guess I have to face the fact that I am not as eloquent as some of the more seasoned reviewers are to an exorbitant degree. With the reviews on Amazon as the big exclusion reviews are often a vast show of demonstrating the reviewer's lucid control of language.
OK. I'll cut the eloquentness now. What I really wanted was two things :

• To advertise my movie reviews (in plain English) page.
• To advertise my latest Java programming assignment from school. It resulted in this useless applet that will count the number of words with more than 6 letters in a text entered by a user.
There. Enough advertising.

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tank Bastards! They took away my magic wand!
Today the bank took my credit card.. My magic piece of plastic that got me everything I pointed it at is gone. Sob!.
OK. Maybe they should have taken it 7 years ago when I first started showing signs of total financial incompetence, but I guess they had faith in me. It's fucking embarrassing that I, 27 years of age, simply cannot get it into my head that the credit card is not a magic wand that I can use as I like and never get the bill. I guess my relationship with real money (i.e. cash) is completely screwed up. I haven't had more than 200 Danish kroner (25 US$) on me at any time for the last 10 years. Now I have to learn to go to the bank, take out the money I need for say a week, and the walk around with all that cash without spending it all at once.
I really would like to be a little better at finances. I will try my very best to be a good girl and spend my money in a sensible way and try not to think about magic when I see an ATM... Just after I buy that skirt I saw the other day.. Sigh!

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Thursday, October 24, 2002

ajax I want to be richer!
I don't mind being a poor student most of the time. I'm good at preparing varied, healthy, and not too expensive food and my expenses are not too monstrous. The Danish government actually pay everybody taking an education something like 450US$ a month so I shouldn't whine. But, the government money will keep you surviving only if nothing unexpected comes up.
I think I can formulate a law not unlike Murphy's with this:
When you run out of toothpaste, that same day you will run out of toilet paper, sugar, shampoo, deodorant, you suddenly need to go to the dentist, your bike gets stolen, and everybody you know has their birthday this month so you have to buy presents.
I need to have more hours at work next month!

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Tuesday, October 22, 2002

tv God I hate Ally McBeal!
I'm on the sofa with the laptop and the TV is running. Even when I'm only listening to Ally McBeal I just feel like slapping her. You would have to look a long time to find a bitch as anorectic, unsympathetic, unfeminine, self-absorbed, arrogant, ugly, unintelligent, annoying, egoistic, childish, neurotic, and hysteric as her. And as if that wasn't enough, Vonda Shepard has to sing all the time too.
There. I feel better with that out of my system. And reassured that next Tuesday I really need to not watch TV.

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Monday, October 21, 2002

Nice actors, poor plot
We went to see our first film in this years Copenhagen gay and lesbian film festival yesterday. Before the film started one of the volunteer helpers from the festival encouraged us to grade the film on a scale of 0 -5 when we left the cinema. I know for sure that there can be no other film as boring as "Julie and me" so I thought that I could not possibly have to give this one a 0. But I was a little in doubt as the Monkey's Mask had lasted half an hour or so. Luckily the actors were pretty nice so I ended up giving it a 2 mostly because of the good looking actors.
I'm sad to rate movies by the appearance of the actors, but it was about the best thing I had to say about it. You can read my review of the film here.
I'm still looking forward to seeing "By Hook or by Crook", "Gaudi Afternoon" and a few short films.

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Sunday, October 20, 2002

Bashed bonsai
I heard on the radio about a guy that does car accident bonsai trees. They certainly bring up my interest in bonsais.

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Your sweetest one?
In Danish the word for girlfriend/boyfriend is "kæreste". Its kind of a sweet word I think, meaning something like "the sweetest one" (poor translation, but it comes close). The confusing thing about this is that, unlike in English where it would be girl- or boyfriend, it does not reveal the sex of the sweetest one. I'm not in the closet but I don't have a need to tell everybody about my sexuality the first day I meet them either. When I talk to new people I use the word "kæreste" about my girlfriend as does everybody else. That way months can pass without my new friends knowing I'm gay, if they don't ask my "kæreste's" name. Then it becomes really awkward when they come to your house and read the names on the door, or when they ask what "he" does for a living.
I'm still looking for a casual way to come out to people, but I guess the Danish language is not going to help me out on this one.

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Friday, October 18, 2002

Are you in doubt?
Some women spend years wondering "am I gay?" or "maybe its just a phase". Here is the ultimate test that will leave all doubts behind. Let me know your score.. Mine was 120.

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Shit! I have got to wear my contact lenses more
This very scientific and serious article (in Danish) concludes that if you wear glasses, you get less sex.

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tank A paperless society?
I have now spent most of this week on the phone trying to get a certificate that states me as a bachelor from the University of Copenhagen. I was stupid enough to send an original of this document to some office that immediately lost it. I've been fighting for a new document now since Monday but today I succeeded.
I've been thinking about this "paperless society" -term and I realized that all it means is that every paper you need is non-existent until you get really angry at someone on the phone.. Back to the church books!

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Thursday, October 17, 2002

I knew it!
I found the reason why really ugly fat men can date beautiful girls. Men are just more into their partner's appearance than the women. A study from the University og Harvard showed that lesbians have a much more healthier lifestyle because they don't go on diets 10 months a year.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2002

kitty A film festival for all of us! The Copenhagen gay and lesbian film festival starts this Saturday. Birgitte and I already bought tickets for four movies together with some friends. The program this year actually sounds good. Last year I didn't see a single one of the films and the year before I saw two really good ones and one really really bad. It's always a pleasure to se nice women kiss, but if the rest of the movie just stinks it isn't worth it. Don't know if any of you saw Julie and Me but if you did: I'm sorry. That film managed to be extremely boring in both French and English at the same time. I'm very positive this year and looking forward to this Sunday when my first movie is on.

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Monday, October 14, 2002

mouse The Hardware Whisperer Last Friday in the after school Friday-bar a friend of mine called Bo and I were joking about the free will of hardware that has been very present in my last few weeks. He agreed that it's never a good idea to upset the hardware and that it's counterproductive as hell not to be polite to it. He showed me his very unruly mouse, that after Bo accidentally dropped it once, has been very uncooperative and at times even rude. I mentioned my headstrong router and the stories were almost alike.
We then thought of ways to solve our (spiritual) hardware problems and came up with a new and probably very profitable profession: the Hardware Whisperer. After a quick search on Google I realized that this is a goldmine! No pages were found on a "hardware whisperer" search! I will keep you posted as we set up our new business to keep peoples hardware happy and functional. If Robert Redford can make millions on a crappy movie like the Horse Whisperer, then in the tough IT-world we could make billions!

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Thursday, October 10, 2002

puter A cup of (black) Java Today I'm doing my programming assignment for tomorrow. The task is to create an applet that will play the "guessing game" with you. If you would like to play this action packed game, you can do that here .

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Wednesday, October 09, 2002

tank Damn the FTP gods! It all started yesterday when I wanted to upload some stuff to my schools server. For some strange reason I couldn't connect. I thought that I had just messed up the settings in my FTP program, so I uninstalled it. After reinstalling it I still couldn't connect. Hmm. Then I thought it was my connection to the net, but I could view pages on the net. After about 3 hours I finally pulled the plug in the router, replugged it and.. Success!
Today the called me from the place I work and asked how the page I was supposed to have uploaded last week was. I told them I was very busy (which I am), but I'd get right to it. But now the FTP gods must really hate me because of all the swearing I did yesterday I suppose, because I still can't connect! It's not the router this time so something really fishy is going on.

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