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Wednesday, November 27, 2002

scary Pretty scary stuff
I went to se Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets last night. I just love that magic world those kids live in. And I really love Daniel Radcliffe who plays Harry -He is really a good choice for the part. My favourite is Alan Rickman who plays Professor Snipe though. He is just the all time greatest actor in the evil category.
I thought the movie had some really scary scenes which I, being 27, could cope with. I just wonder how I would have felt about those scenes if I was 13 though. I'm pretty sure I would be scared half to death. At the risk of sounding like an old sour lady I must say that I'm a little worried about the intensity of films for children. I loved this film as I loved The Ice Age for instance, but I would not let my children under 14 see them if I had any. They are too violent and sometimes also very sad. It took me a week to recover from seeing Lassie when I was 10 so I'm pretty sure that sad films have an effect on kids.
Am I getting old and sour or has the intensity just doubled since I was a kid?

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Saturday, November 23, 2002

square A bot?
All the little drawing-like gifs I have on my site are actually dingbats I downloaded from this guy called Tom's site. He is a genius font and dingbat (or tombot as he calls them) maker. You should go check out his site.
I simply use MSPaint to make the little monsters and save them as gifs. I get nervous every time I try to use a graphics program more complicated than my beloved MSPaint. That program was probably the first program I ever learnt how to use (apart from the games for my Commodore 64) back when I sat at my fathers computer and doodled ugly little paintings. If you have absolutely no idea how to install fonts or dingbats Tom also has a nice little how-to at his site.
I also wrote a very uncomplicated piece of PHP code that will let me write a line as simple as <? bot("pants"); ?> when I want a gif to be displayed in a post. The clever thing is that the function will generate the absolute address of the gif so that it will be displayed right in both my main directory and my archives. Also it auto generates an alt="something" text so that it doesn't mess up my valid XHTML code. Here is the function if anyone is interested. It's not rocket science, but very usefull:

puts a "bot" on a webpage with an absolute address.
The $name variable should be just the name of the gif (without the .gif)
function bot($name) {
 echo "<img class=\"bot\" src=\"" .
  $name . ".gif\" alt=\"$name\" />

Put the function in the bottom of your page or in an include file. When ever you want to have a gif just call <? bot("theNameOfYourGif"); ?>. It's so much easier than writing the whole <img> tag thing.

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Friday, November 22, 2002

tipi Busy and a little sad...
I haven't updated for a week now. I have been stressed out because I had to write a talk I was going to give at the University this Wednesday. It was about the "Council Book" of the K'iche' Maya of highland Guatemala called Popol Vuh and it went very well, so I was pretty pleased with my self.
I have stopped studying American Indian language and culture this year, to study software development instead, but I realized when I wrote my talk that I miss my old department... Oh well, nothing to do about that now -I can still have the Maya as my hobby. I guess every time you start a new place you realize how comfortable you were just where you came from. Sob..

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Friday, November 15, 2002

magnet A quick ad for my favorite browser
Let me start out by saying that I am not at all religious. I don't really take sides in the software wars between the open source community and the big Bill Gates money machine (OK. maybe I'm a little biased).
My cute little dino-browser Mozilla is the best thing that happened to me on the internet since I discovered that an e-mail is different from a web-page (yes, that actually sunk in somewhere in 1997). I found a list of a 101 things Mozilla can do that Internet Explorer cannot. Once you've read that list you will never consider using IE ever again..

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Thursday, November 14, 2002

pants Can't help smiling
Sometimes I get very happy seeing an ad, a movie or reading something where gay people casually appear just as any other character would. Gay people are a part of life so they should appear in everyday life media. I remember a Danish ad from the nineties for a newspaper with two men cooking together and then kissing passionately. When I saw that add it made me very happy and I thought "Hey! Finally they start portraying someone else than the Ajax lady and mister Proper". I haven't seen a lot of these commercials since then but it kept me smiling for a long while.
Now I found a site that records commercials with a gay content where you can watch the ad I'm talking about. This site will keep me smiling for a while as long as I stay away from the "negative" category.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2002

bulb Hey! Who turned out the light!?
These are dangerous days for weblog owners. I've just had an electrician fix some old wires that made the whole apartment a fire trap and Jael is being gassed in her home. Be carefull out there!
Yesterday suddenly the computer died as if someone had pulled the plug. It turned out that the socket on the wall was dead and the socket next door was dead too.. Hmm.. I heard no short-circuit noise (what ever that sounds like), all the other power was on in the rest of the apartment, and no fuses had popped. This is where I got kind of scared because that meant that some old wires, and I mean really old -the building is from 1910 or something like that, were somewhere in the wall probably making sparks. Luckily the electrician came quick and put the wires back together. He told me that it would be a very, very good idea to have all the wires replaced with some that are not almost a hundred years old. He is probably right.
As you all know I'm not very rich right now so an electrician bill was not at all what I whished for but on the other hand, how am I to update my weblog when the power is off the computer? I have great respect for electrical installations and although I (of course) own a well supplied toolbox I am not going to risk my life to avoid a bill and fix it myself. Sigh... There goes the finance for this month down the drain. Again.

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Sunday, November 10, 2002

hexapod Slow slow quick quick slow
I have always had a theory about my ability to dance that has something to do with dinosaurs. I once heard that the really big dinosaurs had an extra brain in the tip of their tail to control it because the nerve impulses took too long to travel all the way from the head to the tail. I am 1,85 meters tall and I don't think I have a brain in my feet so I thought that I just would never learn to dance because my nerve impulses have to travel too far. For the same reason the only music I really liked dancing to was techno because the rhythm is not at all challenging for someone with slow nerve impulses and only one brain.
A few moths ago a friend of mine called Hege and I decided to try to prove that theory wrong so we started at a traditional dance course (well, traditional but in a gay organization). We can now dance the waltz, quickstep, cha-cha, and jive so that it -ehem- looks almost as if we don't need an extra brain to avoid stepping on each others feet. And I must admit that I really like learning to dance, I find myself trying to persuade my girlfriend to dance with me all the time (she is not very cooperative on that though).
Who knows? We may even enter the dancing competition in the Eurogames 2003 in Copenhagen.

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Tuesday, November 05, 2002

psycadelic Even more distracted
I'm still supposed to do something other than listening to music on my computer. I just get hypnotized by the visualization studio in WinAmp combined with just the right volume of Buddha Bar III. When I get rich someday I want to lie in a hammock in Guatemala listening to this music on my minidisc and have my own visualization studio in my head due to some local herbs.

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Monday, November 04, 2002

book Distractions!
I was supposed to read something very boring about software user-friendliness today. I kept being distracted by other more exiting things like emptying the dishwasher, petting the cats, figuring out how to make my site skinnable, going to the bank to get money, and so on. I have a very good ability to convince myself that what I should be doing is not as important as my current distraction.
Although they are not very productive I also kind of like my distractions. Today I had a lot of things done (not reading though), I installed the new WinAmp3 instead of Real Player that kept crashing on me. I really like WinAmp so I spend some time wondering why I gave it up for Real Player in the first place. Now that I had a new player I thought I'd find some music with WinMX. I came across this Russian band called Tatu with two teenage girls singing that they love each other and making out in their video for "All the things she said". Oh joy! I thought as I completely bought it as "real lesbians coming out to the world". An hour later it struck me that there might be a good deal of marketing involved in their "cute schoolgirls make out"-video. But I always want to believe when I come across stuff like that, who can honestly say that they didn't wish that Gina Gershon was the real thing in Bound?

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Sunday, November 03, 2002

Homemade RSS-feed
Try clicking the XML image on the left side of my page. It took me a month of research to write this feature, but I made it all by myself! I found that I had to, my complexes over having such a low-tech site were killing me.
What do you think? At a small price I might sell the technology behind it.

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Saturday, November 02, 2002

puter The game of death?
I haven't written much on my weblog this week because I have been more than busy trying to solve my Java programming assignment due this Friday. The assignment was to write a "game of life" program. I was supposed to make an applet like this that will follow these simple rules: if a cell has less than 2 neighbours it will die, if a cell has 3 neighbours a new cell will be born there, and if a cell has more than 3 neighbours it dies. A cell is (in my applet) brownish when dead and green when living. You can have fun with my miserable shot at a solution here.
My problem is that the goddamn applet does not follow those simple rules. I have never really understood that people in the IT business burn out quickly and many have mental problems. I guess I got the answer this week, I have been very close to submitting my self to the nearest psychiatric clinic many, many times this week.

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