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Saturday, December 21, 2002

scary Out of the project-writing hell
I handed in my programming project yesterday. I had a pretty good time doing the programming the past three weeks but this week, when I had to write the paper demonstrating that I didn't just copy the code, it turned into hell. I have a cold that makes my head feel like a fried marshmallow. It is just not funny at all to sit in front of the computer for a week with a head like that, trying to write something intelligent. I didn't succeed on the intelligent part but I did write something, so that I could turn in 30 pages of dumb writing.
Anyway it's all over now (except for the cold from hell, my head does not feel like a warm marshmallow now, just a marshmallow), and I am trying to get myself in a Christmas mood. I know that reading If Santa Answered His Mail Honestly helped me get closer to that mood while I laughed.
Tomorrow I will travel all the way to the north shore of Sealand, the island Copenhagen is on, it will take about 30 minutes (I just live in a huge country). There I will celebrate Christmas with my family while thinking of my girlfriend celebrating Christmas with her family on another (even smaller) island. So from the kingdom of little islands: Merry Christmas!

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Wednesday, December 11, 2002

tipi Oh! Do you have a tattoo too?
I have a tattoo. Lots of people have one or more so I don't feel very special for having it. I just feel that mine is a little special, I guess everybody thinks their tattoo is special unless they just woke up with it someday after a night of heavy drinking.
Here is the story about mine: I was in Mexico last summer to see all the archaeological sites I have been reading about in the university for the last five years. I knew I wanted a tattoo made when I was there and I knew what I wanted: a Maya dancer dressed as a jaguar from a vase found in Altar de Sacrificios. I traveled with some friends and the girls were all up to having tattoos made at a tattoo shop in the Yucatecan coast. We spend a few days getting each other all worked up about the monstrous pain we were about to face. Finally we gathered all our courage and went to the shop to find the images or drawings we wanted made. I had a lot of trouble finding my little Maya dancer, but I finally found a copy and told the tattoo guy that I wanted it on my ankle and leg about 15 cm high. I wanted the little guy to look like he is dancing when I flex my ankles so he had to sit just on the bone near the foot. Having a tattoo made right on the thin skin over a bone is very, very painful. Actually it hurt like hell -you can tell by the look on my face on this picture. If you click to see the picture you will also see a picture of the little dancer and the vase it was taken from.
The tattoo guy told me that I just had to put some Vaseline on it a few times and that I didn't need to worry about sun, sand, and salt water. I should not have listened to him. After about three weeks the poor little dancer was all faded and blurred. He still looks like that, but one day when I get my courage up I will have it redone. I would have liked to post a picture of what the tattoo looks like today, but I don't have any pictures of it.
I wouldn't say that I regret having a tattoo that's all faded and ugly, but I am very bitter about having to have it redone because it hurts!"#$. But hey, I like the little guy -he is special to me. I guess I better like it because I have to live with it for the rest of my life. If I ever have another tattoo I will have it made right here in Copenhagen by a guy who knows what he is talking about.

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bear New winterish colors!
I am slowly getting in a Christmassy mood. I felt that my old style sheet (that was actually called "autumnish") needed to match the season more. The new and cool (in the cold sense) style sheet is called "winterish". What do you think of the colors? I like blue but maybe the old one was more cosy...

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Monday, December 09, 2002

hexapod Happy happy!
Yay! I finally got the friggin Tomcat server to work together with my database! I have been struggeling to make it work for two weeks now so I feel very happy and relieved today. :-)
Normally if I have some software that won't work for me I just don't use it, but I needed this server to work for my programming assignment this month. If I couldn't get it working it meant that I had to sit in the computer rooms at the university to write my programs. Anybody who has ever spend more than one hour in a room with 20 computers, 15 people, bad air, and a lunchbox-like smell will understand my joy today.
Tra la la.. Merry Christmas.. la la

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Wednesday, December 04, 2002

book Camillog - Now featuring a to do list
I always keep a very long to do list in my calendar. I rarely cross out anything on it, as I hope for things to fix themselves. It sometimes works, but mostly it doesn't, so I thought that if I put it on my webpage people would remind me of the things I forget.

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bear Yawn!

I'm so tired, I haven't slept a wink,
I'm so tired, my mind is on the blink.
I wonder should I get up and fix myself a drink,
spacer no, no, no.
The Beatles - I'm so tired

John Lennon just knew how to put things; this is certainly how I feel these days. It must be the Danish winter creeping up on me. Winter here is grey, dark, cold and wet. I wish I lived in a place with real winter with snow and ice so I could go ice skating. When it finally snows here it always thaws the next day to make things even wetter.
When I'm not sleepy these days I work on a programming project I have to turn in the 20th of December. I'm still not too busy with it but knowing me I will probably write half of it on the 19th. If you should ever feel like getting really depressed you could try to install a Tomcat server on your computer and get it to work with Java servlets and a MySQL database. It really worked for me this week.
Oh, and I'm also feeling very much like a celebrity these days. I tried a search on Google with camilla weblog - and I'm on the top of the list. You are actually reading the most famous weblog owned by a Camilla. To get my self down into the Danish winter mood again I tell my self that Camilla is no a very used name outside of Denmark (where it is the most common name for girls between 20 and 30), so how many weblog owning Camillas can there be?

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