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Friday, February 28, 2003

devilguy Finally! An update!
I have been really busy these last two weeks. I must admit that it might not be the best timing in the world to go on a (very) long weekend just when the semester starts. By the time I got back from Norway I hadn't read the 300 pages I brought with me of super-sexy stuff about Java, databases, and networking protocols. That kind of left me with a lot of reading when I got home, but who cares? I had an excellent time up North.

We drove to where the cabin is, near Lillehammer, in my parents car. They had generously agreed to switch cars with us for the occasion and we appreciated that very, very much because five people, a lot of food, and even more beer and liquor in a Citroën Saxo for 1100 km's. would probably have been a little too cosy. The road was a little icy and mountainous the last 40 km's, but luckily we had Hege, who is a Norwegian, with us and she certainly knew some tricks as to how to drive in the mountains in winter -not something they teach Danes when we take our drivers license (maybe because the highest "mountain" here is less than 150 meters high). Anyway, we got there and the cabin was really nice and cosy.

Day one on the slopes went really well until late afternoon, the snow was just perfect. Mette, who was a first time skier, crashed and hurt her knee. Not good, but she was in good hands because of the five of us there was a physiotherapist, a nurse (that would be Mette), a psychologist, and then Birgitte and I, who would certainly have helped if her computer needed reinstalling (that was not the case though). To console ourselves we took to the other designated goal of our tour: to get drunk. That worked fine, I can really recommend gin and tonic with fresh snow. Under the influence of this fine drink we had great fun running around in small and at times very transparent t-shirts and jumping in the snow. We took Mette to the emergency room the next day, where they told her that her knee was too swollen to diagnose. It turned out, when we got home, that it was OK.

Back home I started my new job as an instructor at my school in "web-publishing with databases". It's OK fun to have a studies-relevant job again. Apart from working and studying we work really hard on painting and shining up our hall (or, entrance room.. I can't seem to find a less pompous word for that room).

There, now I guess I'm all up to date again. I'm sorry that I haven't been reading much of anyone's weblogs lately, and that I haven't been commenting as much as I usually do. That won't happen again (until it happens again).

Oh, I'm sorry that the comments here on my site seems to come and go. Apparently they are doing some updates on Haloscan, so I guess I just have to be patient. Or write a comments system myself...

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Monday, February 17, 2003

rabbit No broken limbs
I've been back from Norway for almost a week now and I haven't updated my weblog. I'm not hospitalised from a snowboard crash, I'm just really busy.

The trip went really well, I'm still smiling when I think of all the fun I had snowboarding. And I'm still laughing when I think of what people wore when they did the dishes. Hehe..

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Tuesday, February 04, 2003

hexapod I know where you came from
I have written a small function to log referers to my site. It has only been working for about a week so I guess I dont have any solid statistics yet but I can tell you what referer is by far the most common: searches for pictures of my girlfriend. Hmm. I know I have a hot girlfriend, but I guess I'd rather have a search for "intelligent weblog" or "nice weblog" on top of the list.

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Sunday, February 02, 2003

sun Vacation over.. Almost.
I enjoyed my week of vacation very much, although I actually worked 2 full days at the university updating the publication database for the employees of my old department. Tomorrow the semester starts and I know already that I will be stressed out because I kind of overbooked my spring this year with work and studies. Good thing I hate to be bored.

This Wednesday Birgitte and I are leaving for a cabin in Norway together with three friends. It's going to be great! We will drive there through Sweden (I hope it stops snowing) and when we get there we will snowboard, ski, eat, drink (and not smoke), make lists of the most beautiful women in the world, and whatever else people do on skiing trips.

I guess that even though the vacation is over I will have a pretty good week.

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Saturday, February 01, 2003

Most intelligent porn I ever saw!
While being a little bored and surfing the net for .. ehem .. recipes, I found a page that has hot action between furniture in love. It kept me laughing for a good while looking at the super-naughty recliner, but the film-clip about hot armchair love nearly knocked me of my sofa. If you want to watch the clip, be patient because it does take a long while to load, but its all worth it.

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