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Friday, March 21, 2003

Ouch! My arm!
camilla I used to get a lot more exercise than I do now. I played volleyball and I worked as a bike messenger until about two years ago. Since then I guess that the wildest exercise I have been getting is when I lift a chair from one room into the other room where the computer is. I have been dancing though, and that is real good fun, but you don't really work up a sweat doing that.

Now I have decided to play handball again in the Copenhagen gay sports club PAN-idræt. For those of you (that would be the Americans) that don't know this fine sport, I can explain that it is a lot like soccer, except it's indoors, the field is smaller and you can take the ball up in your hand - OK. It's not at all like soccer. Maybe the picture of the game explains it better. I should probably also say that the game does not give extra points for taking the opponents shirts of.

Anyway, I played this Tuesday and my arm has felt like it's about to fall of ever since. I hereby promise myself that I will never go without exercise for that long again.

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More on Bush
I know that a good deal of my latest posts have been about Mr. Scrub Bush. But this one I just could not resist:

what an arsehole


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Thursday, March 20, 2003

fourlegger Real girls eat real meat
I got this really funny link from Jonas. Apparently the people at The National Cattlemen's Beef Association are worried that a lot of young girls are vegetarians. Of course that is not good for sales so they came up with a dead cool website to encourage girls to be real girls (and eat beef of course).

I wonder if they considered targeting the large number of lesbians that are vegetarians. In that case I would advise a slight modification of the site.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Comment movers inc.
Phew! What a job copying all my comments into my own database! I'm almost done now and it's really boring work, but the reward is that I, and only I, have complete control over the little bastards. If any of you out there need a free commenting system and you have an afternoon to kill installing it (its PHP and MySQL) and moving old comments, do send me an email.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2003

While I am copying the old comments to my new commenting system I have removed them from this site, but I guess it's no loss, since they never showed up here anyway.

Be paitient with me, I might just be about to write the best commenting system in the world.

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devilguy That's it!
I am getting really tired of my commenting system. It has worked just fine until now, but it has been gonig all wrong the last month. If you experience the page looking funny these days, then it's because i'm working on my own commenting script.

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Thursday, March 06, 2003

tv The difficulties of language
I was laughing very hard this morning when I heard all the fuss about some pictures taken at Catherine Zeta-Jones' and Michael Douglas' wedding in 2000. The couple had sold the rights to photograph at the wedding to a magazine that had sold the pictures to other magazines, including a Danish one, without the right to do so.

Now it turns out that Michael and Catherine are furious that the pictures ended up in a Danish porno-magazine called "Se og Hor". Here the good part starts, because the magazine is really called "Se og Hør" which means "See and listen" in Danish, but because Americans don't have "ø"s they translated "hor" without the slash which means something like adultery or just plain "fuck". That would make the magazines name "see and fuck". The magazine is, although tabloid, not a porno magazine.. I think it takes a little more explicit pictures to qualify as porn.

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Tuesday, March 04, 2003

pants The ethics of Java programming
I must warn you that this post is very geeky.. I was at a lecture today on Java and we were talking about a method called clone() - a method that makes an exact copy of any object. As my thoughts wandered I realized that no one had really considered what happens when you clone human objects for instance. What if I had a George Bush object from my dictator class? Would I really want to clone that?
I suddenly have my doubts about object-oriented programming. Has any one really discussed the ethics of using clone()?

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Monday, March 03, 2003

book Hehe.. Bush - World: 1-0
I couldn't resist posting this link. The George Bush scorecard of evil really confirms your every suspicion about that guy.

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