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Monday, April 28, 2003

arm Empty minded?
Today I realized that it is almost a month ago since I last updated my weblog. It's so strange how I sometimes have a lot on my mind and other times I just exist, with nothing in particular on my mind. Most of my latest posts have been about how I think that Bush is even more empty minded than me. Writing in your weblog that Bush is an asshole is too easy, it shouldn't really count as a post.

Anyway, my site is nearing the 10000 visitor mark. I'm pretty happy with that, and because I wrote a lo-tech script that tracks my visitor's referrers I fairly much know where people come from when they click on my site. Not everybody visit my site because of my action packed and funny weblog - most come to see if they can find out if Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) has a girlfriend. I will try to upgrade my referrers script one of these days so that you can laugh at what people search for. If any of you need a low-tech counter and referrers script (PHP and mySQL), just e-mail me.

Next week the project-writing period starts at my school. That means that I will be twice as busy as I usually am and that I will have even less time to update my weblog. Funny how every time I am really busy, I start spending a lot of time on stuff not related to what I'm busy doing. So maybe I should spend some time on the "winterish" style sheet I use now and change it to a "springish" one before the summer break.
I also want to seriously do something about my books section. People must think that I'm dyslectic as I have had a 100 page book on the "right now I am reading" for about two months. I actually keep that page for very egoistic reasons, I think that in 20 years it would be cool to have all the books I read since 2002 in a database.

The last goal I have for my weblog is to post something funny now and then. Here is a classic superhero film starring a bottle of Kikkoman Soy Sauce. I know it's kind of old, but it is so funny.
Another site that cracks me up is Wulffmorgenthaler. It has a great daily comic strip and the weblog of the Toucan Kid.

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Wednesday, April 02, 2003

tipi This is good
I was just reading my newspaper this morning when I came across this brilliant observation. I have translated it into English:

State of the world at present :
The worlds most popular rapper is white,
the worlds best golfer is black,
Switzerland wins the Americas cup for sail ships,
the French accuse the Americans of being arrogant and the Germans refuse to go to war.

I like it when things change. It's cool that the Swiss win sailing races. I just wonder where they practice.. On Lake Geneva?
Anyway, things change. Couldn't the war-going nations (like Denmark I am ashamed to say) change their minds?

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