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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

sun What an inactive weblog
My weblog is not my #1 priority now that I am way too busy to think about anything else than the MSN-messenger clone my group and I are developing for our project-paper this month. To quickly fill you in, I have been coding Java so my fingers fume since May 1. And that's about it. When we finish the project I a little more than a week, I will of course make the GoT-messenger (as the baby is called) available to all of you that might be interested. In the meantime I think in Java and XML only (which makes communicating with my girlfriend a little difficult).

Although my weblog is almost dead for the time being, some students at the sociology department in the University of Copenhagen contacted me to ask for an interview with me about weblogging (where I will probably have a chance to say how much I hate the word "blog" - it sounds like it's the monster from a bad film). I am very flattered.. hehe. I am going to talk to them tomorrow and then I will post what they had on their minds.

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