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Sunday, June 08, 2003

scary An interview with a weblogger
I promised that I would get back to what the people from the sociology department at the university wanted to ask me about weblogging. They asked about all sorts of things, but the questions below are those that got me thinking:

It was great fun to be asked a lot of questions about weblogging, it had me thinking about a lot of things. Especially the "why do you have a weblog" was funny. I never thought about that - I just do.

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Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Please wait unpatiently while I redecorate the site.. It shouldn't be long:-)

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I got the link for this brilliant service, Googlism, from The Grey Bird. You should really go try it out, just see what it said about my domain name:

xoc is pronounced something like "shock" and is the maya word for "shark"
xoc is a fishlike creature with a huge toothy mouth
xoc is a former microsoft programmer and is currently a traveling
xoc is right
xoc is a european
xoc is shown giving blood
xoc is based on the
xoc is the one that is associated with the xmrendition used for the widget
xoc is an urban clown
xoc is
xoc is designated the hq usaf cpo and shall represent the air force at meetings hosted by the office of the secretary of defense
xoc is pronounced "shawk"
xoc is depicted as yeilding great supernatural power
xoc is the noise the drink makes when it is shaken in the container
xoc is considered the founder of tikal
xoc is responsible for plans and analysis
xoc is an equilateral triangle
xoc is congruent to itself
xoc is the noise the drink
xoc is compared to every other board ?
xoc is compatible with xfontset in terms of its program interface but is a more generalized abstraction
xoc is the company long involved in developing a hypermedia server
xoc is putting awo into the loser's brackets
xoc is reporting publicity to the press
xoc is an extension of the concept of xfontset which was introduced in x11r5
xoc is ian
xoc is disestablished
xoc is certain to
xoc is the one
xoc is piercing her tongue with string that has obsidian and thorns in it
xoc is the executive agent
xoc is good enough at fighting to be invited to the chaak
xoc is kneeling before shield jaguar making a blood offering
xoc is defined as an upward compatible type of xfontset
xoc is american style
xoc is the autodesk subsidiary that is developing xanadu the server
xoc is defined as an upward compatible type of
xoc is xanadu operating company

I'm both flattered and a little concerned about these statements. But hey, it says that I am congruent with myself. What more can one want?

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