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Sunday, September 21, 2003

Gay robots? Of course..
Today I am not lucky trying to connect to my schools server. So, since there isn't really much for me to do other than sit here and wait for the goddam server to be up again, I might as well drop some more links on my weblog. I found a site that has a list of gay robots. Once you think about it it's obvious. Who can honestly say that C3PO does not have a touch of gay?

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I will be famous in deep space!
How very strange. Apparently there is a site where you can enter your name, have it put in a database and when some space vehicle encounters the comet Tempel 1, it will bring your name stored on a disk. I wonder about a few points:
• Who will it deliver the disk to?
• Should it be saved in a DOS or UNIX format?
• Since it says on the website that one should avoid using foreign (non-English) characters, can one then safely assume that aliens only speak English?

If you want your name sent to a comet along with my name, go put your name there.

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How to make french fries
This is very weird and funny little animated cartoon.

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bubble Lava lamps rule!
I just felt like making homage to lava lamps. I just got one from a friend so I sit here looking at it. They are so wonderful to gaze at when one gets distracted... Something I get all the time these days. Speaking of distraction.. I really hate .gif's that are animated. So the lava lamp I have on this post is probably distracting you as you read this. Sorry.

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Thursday, September 18, 2003

Weblog still alive
Just as I decided to kill Camillog, I suddenly felt like writing again sometimes. So, I'm still here and I even fixed the comments script so you can spill your thoughts again.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Updates in the book-department
Even though I decided to kill my weblog, I still plan to maintain the book review page. I just added the possibility to add comments to the reviews. Very weblog-style.. Go take a look.

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Thursday, September 11, 2003

I think i'm off weblogging
As you may have noticed this weblog is not really being updated any more. I don't really feel like posting anymore and i'm also a bit too busy to say the least. Also, Blogger decided to change the post ids to the worlds longest integer for each post. That broke my commenting system, and although I found a way to fix it, I really don't feel like updating my database because thats hell.

So I guess this is goodbye then.. It's been fun having all of you stop by and read my thoughts! And come by anytime to see what I came up with for my website now that it's not a weblog anymore.

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